Sweden self employed

جولای 21, 2019
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جولای 21, 2019

Sweden self employed

If you plan to work for a period longer than three months to start up or run your own business or become a part owner of a company, you must have a residence permit. You cannot enter Sweden until the permit has been granted. As self-employed you are not allowed to take employment with any employer.


Self-employed people who plan to work for a period shorter than three months in Sweden do not need a residence permit. For work that is shorter than three months, citizens in certain countries must have an entry visa.


Requirements for obtaining a residence permit as a self-employed

In order to obtain a residence permit, you must
have a valid passport
show that you have significant experience in your field and previous experience of running your own business
have documented and relevant knowledge in Swedish and/or English
show that you are running the business, that you have the ultimate responsibility for it and that you own at least half of the business
show that the business’ services or goods are sold and/or produced in Sweden
show that you have sufficient funds to support you and, if applicable, your family during the first two years (equivalent to SEK 200,000 for you, SEK 100,000 for your spouse and SEK 50,000 for each accompanying child)
show reliable source documentation for your budget
show that you have established customer contacts and/or a network in Sweden
show that your company, following a 2-year probationary period, will have its finances in balance and you have the ability to support yourself and, if applicable, your family (income support is calculated according to the Swedish national standard for income support plus housing costs).


The Swedish Migration Agency will assess your business plans from a financial perspective.